What we do
We write and we edit. We transform ideas into publishing projects. We develop publishing and communications strategies. You can read more about our services here.

Who we are
Citizen Edits is managed by Peter Davies, a freelance writer and editor based inSnapseed-cropped Melbourne, Australia. He has studied journalism, editing, arts management and media law and he has worked across educational publishing, magazine publishing, communications, media management and human resources. He enjoys writing about design, media, popular culture and the arts. You can read more about him here.

Who we work with
We have worked with organisations from many different industries. Our clients include:

  • Houses magazine — architecture and design
  • Artichoke magazine — architecture and design
  • Architecture Australia magazine — architecture and design
  • T-world magazine — fashion
  • Australian Interior Design Awards — architecture and design
  • designEX — architecture and design
  • Stella and Minx  — fashion
  • Harcourt Education — education
  • Victoria Law Foundation — legal
  • Loop Solar — sustainable energy
  • Thames & Hudson — publishing

You can see examples of our work here.